PCOS and sorting out the science from the BS

Back in college, my communications professor jokingly gave me a merit badge in stalking because I could find just about anyone or anything on the internet.

I was recently diagnosed with PCOS, a chronic hormone imbalance disease. Being a merit badge holder, my first stop was the internet.

I found:

  • Holier-than-thou missives from women who are refusing care because “this is part of me”
  • “Cures” for PCOS, an incurable condition
  • Advice on a whole host of unproven supplements
  • Ancient medicine treatments / alternative medicine
  • Very little actual science or research (or even stories from women who are pursuing traditional management strategies)

I am not about to pin hope on this bullshit. You know what they call alternative  medicine that works — medicine. Ancient people only lived to be 47 years old if they survived childhood, and I plan to be older than that so Imma need some modern medicine.

It’s only been a few days since my official diagnosis, but I’ve put together sort of a mission statement.

  • I require empirical scientific evidence before starting new treatments
  • I will never accept feeling sick as a “part of me”
  • I will employ conscious consumption as one part of a heathy lifestyle, but never expect food or supplements to solve a problem they didn’t cause

Anyone else in this boat with me?