How being a McFatty FatFat caused doctors to give me worse care – and how I found the problem


My goal for 2016 was to practice more self care. I’m in my 20s, I have a good job and a loving husband, and I don’t have kids. What am I doing with my life if not taking care of myself?

Part of that commitment was to find help for my chronic unnamed illness:

  • Unexplained rapid weight changes (losses and gains)
  • Extreme fatigue – sleeping 12+ hours per day
  • Irregular and highly painful menstrual cycles
  • Unexplained skin issues – dandruff, acne, dry face
  • 20+ pounds of bloating during PMS times
  • Hair loss on my head, and increased hair everywhere else
  • Being cold allllll the time, even in my 74 degree office

And did you know, doctors are required by federal law to give you your medical files if you request them? This often includes their notes. While my checkout papers always said “Diagnosis: Obesity,” requesting these documents told a different story.

  • “Patient reported painful irregular cycles. Possibly endometriosis or hormone issue. Recommended Sam’s Club protein shakes.”
  • “Symptoms of hormone imbalances, possibly thyroid. Considering recommending blood tests. … Instructed patient to exercise more.”
  • “Preliminary diagnosis of Menometrorrhagia. Need pelvic ultrasound to confirm. Told patient to take a daily multivitamin.”

Can you believe that? Doctor after doctor wrote down that they suspected I needed followup care for chronic issues, but they recommended diet and exercise programs instead. So I’m out here restricting my calories further and exercising more and taking probably-useless vitamins, when hidden in their notes were the real problems.

My new doctor, an endocrinologist, told me that he wishes he could have those doctors’ licenses revoked. Because of their prejudice towards fat people, the hormone disorder may have caused irreparable damage to my body.

In good news, two of my incompetent doctors have since closed their practices, so they will do no further harm to other patients.

So TL;DR: Fat babes, request your health records. You can find a whole wealth of information hidden inside.