This isn’t the start of my fat babe journey

south carolina

On my honeymoon in South Carolina, wearing a fatini because I can. 🙂

My journey to being a fat babe started in college. It was my third year and I was gaining weight rapidly. I had no health insurance and no one besides my roommate seemed to notice that despite exercising to exhaustion, working a job that kept me on my feet all day, and eating only tofu and raw veggies, I was gaining every week.

It was rapid and I was poor. My clothes didn’t fit well, and even if they did, they were frumpy and weird. My self esteem was rock bottom. I had started college at 120 pounds, and would end college five years later at 240 pounds… literally double the woman as 18-year-old me.

Anyway, my roommate convinced me to save up some of my meager barista wages to go shopping. I managed to scrimp together $200 over the semester (less than my roommate would spend on one pair of jeans). But she was kind and took me to her favorite consignment stores, where we bargained and negotiated until I had a week’s wardrobe that actually fit.

I noticed the difference immediately. Professors called on me more often. I started getting asked out on campus without trying to catch attention. More people wanted to be my friend.

The only thing that had changed was embracing the idea that I was a babe, even if fat.

So this isn’t the start of my journey, but it’s an important turning point — at age 25, I am finally able to advocate and care for myself when no one has listened for years.

This blog is to document this story.